Teetering on the Totter

I started this infinitesimal venture several months ago with high hopes. Hopes to use it as a much-needed outlet to ramble aimlessly without watching my husband’s eyes dart over my head to the television screen in an off-handed attempt to both appear interested and track the progress of the game of the moment.

But then something happened and I veered recklessly off course. Okay. Somethings happened. Computer crashes. Kids. Building a house in another state. Family weddings. Three of them. A volunteer project at church. A baby who just will NOT sleep through the night. Laundry. Errands. Dinner. Date night.


Just kidding about that last one. I’m just making sure you’re still with me.


Since I was last here (which was seriously so long ago I could not remember my password) I have kept a list of “blog topics” in anticipation of the day when everyone and everything would miraculously fall in step with the rythem of my life and I could daily schedule time to blog from about, say, 1:47.10 to 2:14.49 p.m. Give or take.


But–and here’s the kicker–I don’t think it is going to happen that way. Did you already know this or am I breaking some really discouraging news to you? Either way, this is something I want to do and I was inspired at church this morning by good ole Pastor C to get my teeter-totter moving in the direction of my dreams. You might need to hear the sermon yourself to get the playground equipment analogy, but it worked for the inner recess girl in me.


So here is a peek at some of the topics waiting in the wings to be explored:


Throne Room Conversations

Life in Moments

Rivaling Sibling Adoration

Jenny from the Block

He’s on the Move!

Grab a Pen

Run, Forrest, Run!


I’ve thought of this white space so often in the last months. So often that I give situations and circumstances blog titles while they are happening. I’ve blogged more in my own head than I’ll ever be ablt to blog in this space. But at least tonight the tide is turning.


Before I close out for the evening, you might want to see a few new pics. Or maybe not. But I dare you to try to turn away.



This is usually the look Dutch has when Cado “loves” him.
This one has been digitally enhanced so you would be able to tell which one is the pumpkin.
This butterfly definitely has wings!
That’s it for now. But stay tuned! Or I’ll sick this guy on you:

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