The Total Package

When men and women come together they do so much more than provide the Mr. to the Mrs. and vice versa. We balance each other in ways we never foresee when making wild promises to always greet each other with a hug and kiss.


  • Without women to provide the sides, men would just eat various forms of grilled meat, preceded by a meat appetizer and followed by a meat dessert. 
  • They would do things like buy houses sight unseen because they looked over the fence and liked the size of the backyard (true story).
  • They would continue to wear what they last felt the most cool in, even if that was the 8th grade and they are now in their 40s.
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (Think The King and I)

My rambling leads to this: Today the Geek Squad is here rearranging the audio visual make up of our home. This TV goes there and the new one here, mount this one, set that one, hook this box up, take that box out, center this thing here, angle that one over there, this one needs this kind of cables and that one those others … It’s endless.

But this is another reason God saw it good and perfect to bring man and woman together. When men look at televisions they ooohhhhh and aaawwww over the picture quality, the clean lines, the size. And listen up: when it comes to sound, the speakers on the actual television are never enough. Oh, no. We must have an additional sound system complete with hoofers and woofers (or whatever) and speakers that must mount at strategic locations throughout the ceiling (Invisibly, of course, because we are to think the sound is everywhere without thinking it actually comes from anywhere). After spending thousands on said television, stereos, surround sound systems, satellite and cable services, they will then see fit to set it all on an upside down cardboard box and a television tray.

Enter woman.

Is your husband like mine? My awesome guy will spend the aforementioned thousands on the equipment and then recoil in confused disdain–bordering on disgust–when the proper piece of furniture to set, store and present the equipment cost more than $100 and actually looks like a piece of grown-up furniture. But when we are allowed, however reluctantly, to put our pashion to accessorize with the proper furnishings to the completion of the audio visual package, the men will sit back with an appreciative sigh, scratch their belly, burp and say, “It is good.”

See, women! Just because they don’t run to us on a regular basis (okay, ever) to see what we think of their hopes and dreams does not mean they don’t need us! They do need us, they really do! (Think Sally Feild.)

And, truth be told, we need them, too. After all, Project Runway is wwwaaayyyy better in HD.

Just kidding, Honey.



Get thee behind me, Satan!


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