Party Girl

There was a time when that meant something entirely different to me. I won’t take you on a sordid trip down memory lane. Okay it’s not that sordid. Really. Maybe. Who have you been talking to?

Either way that is not the trip we are taking today. In fact, we will just leave that a road less traveled.

The trip we are taking today skips over the posts I have in my “drafts” section that muse on everything from religiousness to baby dedications to running. We are going straight to a quick update on Cado and her recent Christmas party. This is not a deep, thoughtful post. It’s just a post of some fun my girl and I had.


Baking cookies with an independant, strong-willed, opinionated three-year-old is a lesson in How To Live Life In The Spirit. Even when they are this adorable. Partiality noted. It is also a lesson in creativity. I think I stand to learn a few things from her.


These are my peeps. From left to right: My Decorator and general Woobie, my go-to Child Developer/Christmas Party Book Reader, and my Party Consultant. They are very official in their posts and they made this venture infinitely more fun.


In my silly little mind, I thought the girls would decorate one or two cookies, uh, beautifully, and then skip away to play ring-around-the rosy. I got that about half right.


You have no idea how much dusting sugar (WHAT was I thinking?) six little girls can put on a single cookie. See that pile of green sugar just underneath Cado’s green hand? Yep. There is a cookie gasping for air under there.


Look at these girls! This picture reminds me of one of my Kindergarten class (about this size, actually). I look at it now and can remember the names of each person, know today where most of them are, and still communicate with a few of them. When I look at this little gaggle of girls, I wonder if they will still be frosting cookies together when we moms are not around to make them.

I consider the party a success on the single basis that not one of their outfits was ruined. Hooray! Also, they really did all have a great time. Or at least that’s what the moms told me. They also did a craft project and listened to Miss C read the Christmas Story.  All in all, I can check “Three Year Old Christmas Cookie Decorating Party” off of my list.

For 11 months.


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