Getting Behind

I know you think I am going to write about keeping up. I am not. I want to write about my son’s behind keeping up. He (for current purposes we will call him Dutch) is a few weeks shy of four months, and his bottom is a few months late in developing. In other words, he is behind in his behind. What this means for him is pooping is easier grunted about than done. What this means for me is too little sleep.

I know his development will come; in fact, his pedi says around four months. What I would like to really know is how long it will take me to fully develop? Yet again, this experience with Dutch has taught me an important area in which I am consistently behind: prayer.

I spent the better part of 12 weeks bemoaning Dutch’s plight and my lack of sleep. Before I was pregnant with him I prayed for him to come into our lives. I prayed for a successful entry into the world. I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving over him. And then I seemed to stop praying. I know that the God of this universe is as intimately concerned with my son’s pooper as He is with his heart. I know He would love to show Himself faithful to me by bringing about some relief for us both. I was late to this party, but I am not leaving early.

What “behind” are you leaving behind on your prayer list? Trust God. There is nothing too trivial, too embarrassing, that cannot be taken before the throne (whoa … what an opportunity for humor I will not take!).

I am praying for a boy that can poop on demand. Just check back with me in about 16 years and see if maybe that prayer has taken on a new direction!